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¡Quba! presents a vivid story about Cuba's new LGBTQ revolution through the eyes of key activist characters, including the leader of movement, Mariela Castro, the daughter of Raul, and director of Cenesex, National Center for Sex Education, both seasoned, and young LGBTQ activists, on the island: Adela Hernandez, Ramon Silverio, Maritza Garces and Ana Canet, and Ulises Suarez.

Hernandez and Silverio are nationally recognized leaders who have worked for over forty years, show us their lives intertwined with organizing, art, and comedic theatrical performances. These two are long-time friends who isupport each other in their quest for justice. Adela and Silverio provide the historical memory with humor and affection.

Maritza, Ana, and Ulises are the young activists who ask the harder questions as they press for the passage of article 68, marriage equality. Using uniquely Cuban passionate influencer tools of music, art and performance they loose this battle, in tandem to the rise of the evangelical church but win LGBTQ and race non-discrimination in the new constitution referendum and continue on to the next hurdle: amending the family code. This film is a rare portrait of Cuba's LGBTQ community in the 21st century, a picture important to all of Latin America on both continents.


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